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Lightweight component that provides strong encryption for your applications
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12 May 2010

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Software companies often tend to encounter the issue of software piracy and lax laws in many jurisdictions end up causing substantial loses. It is therefore the need of the hour to take up measures to stop the counterfeiting of your software. So to help you stop getting your application get pirated or tapped in between while transferring we bring to you wodCrypt 2.1.1, a tool that you just cannot deny. wodCrypt is a brilliant software tool that is equipped to provide powerful encryption for all your application. It offers supports for many popular cryptic algorithms such as AES, Tripple DES, RC2, RC4, RC5, Blowfish and many more for symmetric encryption as well as decryption. For creating or verifying signature it provides RSA and DSA, and for creating hashes it provides support for MD5 and SHA1. With a 4.4 MB installation file, this tool is a light weight component that can be downloaded and installed in the system without any problem.

wodCrypt 2.1.1 is a versatile software and assists in creating or working with a huge number of software application. In case you tend to perform data manipulation for the encryption of your application, this tool works with Binary Large OBjectS (Blob) and offers 3 different variants namely MemBlob, FileBlob and StreamBlob out of which you can choose which one will be appropriate for your application. wodCrypt creates digital signature basing upon MS Authenticode technology. Other than working with cryptography standards this cryptic tool can also work with optimized mode. Optimized mode makes sure that even after decryption you will be able to obtain the same plain text in exact format that was available before encryption. It also makes sure that the applications encrypted by this tool remain accessible to other decryption tools.

wodCrypt available at a decent price in the market is also royalty free. We rate this unique encryption tool with a score of 4 for its extensive feature set and the overall assurance it provides.

Publisher's description

Lightweight component that provides strong encryption for your applications. It provides supports for most common crypto algorithms, such as
DES, TripleDES
for symmetric encryption and decryption,
for making and verifying signatures, and
for creating hashes.
Working with Blobs
wodCrypt works with Blobs - Binary Large Objects (it doesn't have to be big, of course) when it comes to data manipulation. Blob is our object that can read files, string variables and bytes array, and provide the same as their output. Even more, it can present the information in BASE64 and HEX encoded data - in case your environment just doesn't like to work with binary data.
Optimized code
Besides working in regular way - without random padding and internal wrapping, wodCrypt can work in Optimized mode as well. In that case most probably no other encryption tool will be able to access (directly) your encrypted data - because wodCrypt will add specific information to it - such as size of blob. This way when decryption is done, you will get exactly the same plaintext as it was before encryption. In regular way, wodCrypt has to look after block sizes for each protocol, key sizes etc.. so any empty space needs to be filled with zeros. It's not smart way to protect the data - but it's necessary to make encrypted text open to other decryption tools, for you to get the results as expected.
Licensing - royalty free
wodCrypt is royalty free - once you make your application, you can distribute binary versions of wodCrypt free of charge. Licenses are purchased only for design-time development, one license per each developer on the project - and that's all!
Besides ActiveX version (which can be used even in FoxPro), wodCrypt has COM object as well, which can be used from many environments, such as VB, VC, Delphi, VBS, ASP etc..
Version 2.1.1
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